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Promote something else while still promoting GDI

Here is an example of how you can promote one of your other programs while still promoting GDI and building your email list.

Create a simple one page ad and place your promotion at the top.

Make sure it opens in a new tab or window. I also made it clear on mine to sign up below. Then under the main ad I have my Traffic Wave form code for my GDI Team Elite email series. As an extra point of advertising I also include a small Traffic Wave banner under the form.

If the advertising works correctly, someone will sign up for the free advertising that I offer then they will sign up for the GDI Team Elite list and we may get some of them on our team.

You can see the page example here: Promotion Page

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That’s what I like

I love it when I login to GDI and see 4 new recruits going through the trial! This thing is ROCKIN! Keep up the great work. Keep sending MASSIVE HITS to the TEAM PAGE. This is what helps all of us grow our downlines! I already have way more than 6 so all the new recruits from the TEAM PAGE go to members below me on the team. This works out perfect and we make sure everyone gets their six, then it just keeps growing from there!

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Team Echo Hit Counts 080420

Kris Ellis 2738
James Brewer 0
Charles Mcclure 1726
Mike Cosma 9076
James Kaucic 2767
Richard Smyth 7447
David Blanchard 2666
Elizabeta Ramsak 2995

Thanks for all the hard work! We are moving along nicely.

This Week: 6 new leads 1 Conversion

Welcome new Team Mate: Bobbie Harris

Team Echo
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New Team LCP

Latest News: Now we have Team Echo Triple Threat! A triple team build of GDI, Traffic Wave, and Easy1Up. These are all affordable and quality programs and should compliment one another well. With these three the members will be getting hosting/website, autoresponder (for list building), and internet marketing training. View the new LCP here: Triple Threat

Triple Threat Screenshot
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Easy Targeted Classifieds

Just found a nice site to place some free classified ads. You can target your city or any city, and category like (affiliate marketing). I have tried several classified sites before and most are too much of a pain to deal with. This one is not. It was advertised as easy and no sign-up required to post ads. This is true but I signed up for a free account because I like it. They have an affiliate program but I chose not to do that because of the payment method. So here is the direct url (non-affiliate link): https://qwikad.com/

Below is a screenshot so you can see what you can do for free. Place ads and profile setup.

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New LCP’s , banner, more

Busy couple of days! Created 3 new LCP's (still finishing 2 but they are almost ready, just the forms are needed) , joined 8 more ad sites, and made a new GDI Team Elite banner! Now I have to get back to promoting.

New Banner:

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Creative Tools

Be sure to check out the More Places tab and scroll down to the bottom. This is where I am putting free creative tools that I find online that can be used in a web browser. You will find a splash page maker, animated banner maker, logo creator and more.

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I had another website that I was not using for anything at the moment. So, I decided to also turn it into a place where I can promote GDI and Team Echo. I found a nice basic black and white theme from Open Source Web Design. This worked well and I added a video from my YouTube Channel. This domain name I have used for years so I am hoping to get some natural traffic to flow in from there. Anixas Web Site

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New Turbo Setup

Everything keeps evolving as it should. We now have a slow and steady email series of lessons for the team. When you fill out our Team Echo form from the Team Echo page of this blog you will then begin to get the email series of lessons from Coach K. Some people were being overwhelmed by the Lesson page I had created which I can understand. However, there are people who want to get a FAST Start to things. So, I have re-vamped the page again to now be a TURBO SETUP for those looking to get a FAST Start.

Turbo Setup

This does not mean you should not do the email series, it is simply a quick way to get your GDI Blog setup. This way you have a website going and you can market other things there as well or point people to traffic sources you like. You can even create your own lessons or whatever other ideas you may come up with. It is your site so the possibilities are endless.

I give you 4 pre-made pages that you are allowed to copy and paste to your own GDI Blog. You then simply change some links and you are ready to go. Of course, it is a little more detailed than that hence the Turbo Setup page is required to explain this process. I asked one person how long it took to follow this and get setup and she said about 2 hours, so that is pretty fast!

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First Duplication

Wow! Elizabeta has completed the training and has her own blog up. This looks really good! Here is the link: Blog

Elizabeta GDI Blog
Elizabeta GDI Blog
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