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Turbo Setup

Turbo Setup

What is Turbo?

This is the special TURBO section for those that want a quick start or are looking for the simple copy and paste method that I advertise. The main Team Echo training will come via an email series from Coach K. If you have not filled out your Team Echo form yet please do so at the Team Echo link above.

If you are like me you want to jump right in to the deep end and get everything setup in less than a day, rather than waiting. The section is for just that! I have 4 DONE FOR YOU pages that you can quickly copy to your own blog and be up and running in no time. In fact I asked one person how long it took her to go through this lesson and get setup and she said around 2 hours! How is that for fast? Of course you can choose your own blog theme and customize as you see fit. This will be your blog so you need it to match your style.

Make things happen


Welcome to Mike's GDI TURBO Training Center. You are here because you joined GDI from one of our team's links. If you have not joined us yet please click here: Start Here. You will be able to clone this lesson plan and use it yourself to send your new recruits to. If at any time you need help or are confused contact me via Skype at mikecosma_1 (if you are customizing this page change the names above to your own name and put your preferred method of contact). This is a real team and real people. We expect you to make contact with us. If you do not interact with us you will most likely not have any success. Thank you for joining with this team! Further down you will find the email address for Mike Cosma. Email me any time if you have a question or need some help.

But I can't write a Blog

Do not worry about having to write blog posts. You can do that if you want to, but mainly the Blog is so you can easily make a duplicatable training center. All you do is copy and paste 4 of these pages into your own blog (I have already done all the work for you). Then all you have to do is change a few links to your own. All of this is explained when you get to the Replicate This Page section below. So don't worry if you are not a writer. I did all the writing for you. Plus you will be able to add additional pages to promote whatever else you are doing, traffic sources, favorite traffic exchanges, etc.

Join Echo Traffic Club

Step 1: Please join the Echo Traffic Club safelist mailer. Click the banner below. This program is free to join but there are upgrades available if you would like them. We use the program for two reasons. One, for sending out mailings and two, as a HUB for any other programs we may use in the following steps. What we do is use the TOOLS section in the Referral Builder to keep downline integrity. This simply means you will follow you sponsor through the programs that are used. Don't worry, if you are already in one simply enter you affiliate id there is no need to join again. (if you are customizing this page click on the banner and change the link url to your affiliate link at Echo Traffic Club.)
If this is your first time going through these instructions you will not be customizing the page or changing links yet. This will be done later and these notes will make more sense then. Just make a mental note they are there when needed.

Echo Traffic Club banner
Echo Traffic Clubh

Join Our Facebook Group

You should also join us at our Facebook group: Echo Traffic Club
NOTE: YOU WILL GET YOUR TEAM LINK IN STEP 5 - you need to learn a few things first (all easy) and get a page like this setup so you have someplace to send your referrals. All you will do is copy and paste 4 pages to a new page in your GDI WordPress blog and change a few things as noted in the bold italic text.

Understanding GDI

Step 2: Understanding GDI. Login to your back office and look around a bit. What I would do first before anything else is find Documentation in the left column towards the bottom. Click that link and follow the instructions. These are the legal documents you must send in to GDI in order to be able to get paid. If you do not do this you will not be able to get paid until you do.

Step 3: Click on GDI Bonuses on the left in the back office. Go through the steps in the GDI learning bonus even if you have before. This will get you started in all the basic areas including the WordPress site we will be using to create this cloned site. You also setup your preferred payment method in this training module. Take a look at the My Replicated Sites section on the left to see these pages that are available to use. I have not used Site Builder so if you use that you are on your own creating it. To replicate this site you want to choose WordPress. I used the default template that came with the GDI WordPress which is the Green one that you are on now. The BLOG is the first page. I left the blog as it was and began adding BLOG Posts to it. The BLOG page should show up as the first page of your site unless you change something. I pretty much left everything on the side as is because much of it is promotion for your GDI Opportunity and so forth. You will want visitors to be presented with these.

Replicate this page + 3 more

Note: if you did not complete the GDI Learning bonus in step 3 you may not be ready for this part yet. There is a difference between a new page and a new post. A new post will be a post to your Blog on the first page of the website. A new page can be anything you want. To make your own copy of this Lesson Page Go to your Dashboard in WordPress. The on the left site find Pages and click on Add New. Name the page Lessons or something like that. Then simply copy and paste this entire page over to your own Lessons page. Then click the Update button in the top right to save the changes. Once you have it copied over and saved it (Update), then you can edit the names and links to make them your own. Feel free to add pictures , videos, re-word sections, etc. Make it your own but keep the basic lesson plan intact. When you edit a page if you click on a banner then on the right side you will see some settings pop up. It is these settings where you will change the link to your own link. Each time you make some changes click Update on the top right to save your changes. I have always been taught to save early and save often. NOTE: You should probably also copy the following pages: Team Echo, Start Here, and Team Banners. This would be enough to get started then you can add more pages at your leisure as you go along. The Team Banners page can pretty much stay as is. The Team Echo page; Step 1 and Step 2 can stay as is these links should always be the same, on Step 3 the words "these steps" should be linked to your Lessons page. The Start Here page; link the words "Team Link" to your own team link when you get yours, On the last sentence change the "Team Echo" link to your own. Under edit mode on any page if you highlight the words you will get a box that pops up. In that box you see a chain , click the chain and you will get a box to put your particular link in. To find out what your page links are , right click any of your page title buttons at the top of the page and select "copy link address". If more instructions are needed contact us by email and we will respond or make a video.

Welcome Letter

When you get a new recruit send a personal email something like this to them directly.

Hello Name,

We have a very simple system here where we all help each other get 6 in their downline.

Please fill out the form at the following link and follow the simple instructions to begin.
Team Instructions Link

Thanks for joining us!

Mike Cosma Team Echo

You need some traffic

Step 4: Get some traffic sources setup so you have someplace to advertise your links. Login to your account at Echo Traffic Club and join some or all of the programs in the Referral Builder. If you want to supercharge your results head to the tools tab and get setup in Referral Frenzy. If you already have your own safelist mailers that you use that you may continue to use those. Just make sure you have some. WE USE MAINLY SAFELIST MAILERS to advertise the TEAM LINK as they yield better results than some other sources. On the left side in GDI you will see My Replicated Sites. You can use those links to advertise in the other sources like classified ads, adboards, etc. Look at the other tabs in this blog that you are on also. I added some traffic sources to my page and others should do the same. (add your own banners and referral links to other blog pages when modifying this blog for your own.)

Get your Team Link

Step 5: At this point if you followed all of the steps above, you are ready to promote. NOTE: If you did not setup your WordPress site you will not be able to clone this page and will have nowhere to send your referrals so be sure you have followed the above instructions. (NOTE: If you send your referrals to my page I will get them into all of my programs instead of you getting them to follow you.) This is why it is of GREAT BENEFIT to follow all of the instructions above and get setup properly.You will need to contact Mike Cosma or Kris Ellis (Coach K) to receive your Team Link. We are both in the Facebook group and widely available online. If you followed everything above then you are probably already in contact with one or both of us. Send one of us the link to your GDI WordPress Blog so we can see that you are ready.

Mike Cosma email: mikecosma@gmail.com

Kris Ellis email: mediakickstarter@gmail.com

Team Link 500+ Hits Per Week

Step 6: Send at least 500 hits via Safelist Mailers and Traffic Exchanges to your Team Link each week to be eligible for the 6 paid referrals that we help you get for your team-build. There is no way to know how long this will take. It depends on many factors. It certainly will not happen overnight or instantly. In my own case it took a little over 2 months to get 6 and I personally brought in some of those. You don't have to rely on the handouts if you can do your own work and bring some in then you can help your team grow faster under you. As you see the whole system has been setup for you so once you reach this point you simply promote as much as you can the Team Link and your personal links and then send all your new recruits to this page you have cloned. If you don't wish to create your own site then let me know and I can make you a single page to use.

Become a Team Leader

Step 7. Take it to the next level. At some point you will want to start to build your own list and then create your own team. Head to Echo Traffic Club and go to the Referral Builder tools tab. You will find tracking tools like Hits Connect, autoresponders and all-in-one programs like All in One Profits, Buildabiz and Traffic Wave. Contact Mike Cosma or Kris Ellis if you need help with any of these. We can also make instructional videos for any areas of confusion (that goes for this whole page). If you have a specific question and think seeing the solution on video would be the best way to understand it just email Mike Cosma your request and I will make you a video and send you the link. Kris Ellis (Coach K) also has some more advanced marketing methods. You will find these advanced programs in the Referral Builder at Echo Traffic Club. You will also be under the advanced training system if you are following the training system from Coach K via email after signing up with our Team Echo form (mentioned in paragraph one).


All right!! You should be all setup and ready to go (hopefully it did not take too long). Keep in touch in the Facebook Group and Telegram. Keep following the email series you are receiving from Coach K. Thanks for being part of GDI Team Elite (Team Echo)!