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Helpful Hints

This section will deal with other things I find that may not fit into a category. It may be a kind of mish-mash. Perhaps I find a video or make one that I think will be useful on this bog then I will post it in this section. There are many thousands or millions of resources available to use in your online marketing adventure. There is no point in just throwing up random links or videos unless they provide something of QUALITY.

So, if I come across anything or create something that I think will be useful to my readers then this is the section where I will put it.

Email providers

When using email for online marketing, in most opinions, Gmail is the only option. I actually tested another one that was supposedly designed and used for online marketing and guess what? My mails were bouncing and I was getting shut down in the mailers that I had in there. So don't chance it. Stick with Gmail and learn to use the Labels(folders) and Filters. If you don't know how to used Labels or Filters in Gmail then I recommend that you should visit YouTube.com and do a search for "Labels and Filters in Gmail". Watch whatever videos come up for this subject until you have a firm understanding of it.

A Numbers Game

Internet Marketing is a numbers game. You need a lot of traffic and hits, a lot! Most people are promoting too many programs at once. It's perfectly ok to join a bunch of programs to test out different things. How would you know what you like if you didn't? But, once you find some of them that you like make a list. Rate these programs. Whatever is in the number one spot is the program to focus on. Send all your traffic to this. Keep the list of links handy. If you end up on a site where you need a banner or a second or third link take them from your secondary programs. Otherwise, focus the majority, if not all, of your traffic to link number one. Once you have significant growth in your top program you can now start promoting your number two program and so on.