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Team Dynamite 4 Steps

Welcome to 4 Steps - Team Dynamite

If you are not yet a member of 4 Steps you can join my team by clicking the banner above.

(Yes I am an affiliate of the 4 Steps program so I may earn lots of credits in multiple ad exchanges because that is how it works!!!) I could possibly earn commissions somewhere too but they may be minimal.

What is 4 Steps?

4 Steps is a program with a heavy use of auto-surf exchanges that by using a certain way you generate massive traffic to sites with good traffic. So you can get lots of "good traffic" hits to what you are promoting.

No Click Surf

In my opinion, this is one of the best Autosurf exchanges. You will find it in the downline builder of the 4 Steps site. I would encourage our team members to use this one a lot, at least once a week if not more. This one has a lot of fun games and you can win a lot of extra credits if you guess right on the games. This makes people actually use the site more due to these games.

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Main Points of 4 Steps

By using a special page called an advertpage that will be created on the site, you will do the following. You will earn free credits on 4 manual surf exchanges. You will earn free credits on 2 banner exchanges. You will earn free credits on a text ad exchange. You will build downlines in a whole bunch of ad sites. Just follow the instructions inside and you will generate all this advertising if you work the program correctly. It takes a little time to get it all set up but to me, it is worth it. I recommend that you take the time to read through everything and follow the steps in the program.

The Ostrich

In all my tests the Ostrich page has produced the best results so I recommend when promoting this program you use that one to gain new members in your own downline. Since you are on my team you can also use the Team Dynamite banner located at the top of this page if you wish also.

You want to make sure that you have setup your full system though before you begin promoting it!


This is not the only team that I have and I am a member of a TON of other programs. Feel free to browse around the blog for other team info, ad resources, information, online tools, and more! Thanks for joining me in 4 Steps!