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Team Dynamite 4 Steps

Welcome to - Team Dynamite

Welcome to Team Dynamite. What is Team Dynamite? Very simple, a multi-team build project by Michael Cosma.

(Yes I am an affiliate of these programs so I may earn lots of credits in multiple ad exchanges because that is how it works!!!) I could possibly earn commissions somewhere too.

Why just do one team?

Sure you can play it safe and build one team or one program. In fact, many will tell you this is what you should do. Or, if you are more adventurous, you can do what I do and join everything. This includes being in multiple teams. The most important thing is time and dedication. I work on my online business's daily for hours. If you cannot do that, then I probably would not recommend attempting this.

GDI Team Elite

In my opinion, this is one of the best to start a team build. The reason is because it is very inexpensive and they have great pre-made full page replicated site pages you can use. You can, of course, create your own Lcp pages if you wish. click here for GDI Team Elite

Start your own team

When you start any of these you will be creating your own team. Think of that for a minute. Every person you bring under you will be part of your team.

Since you are on my team you can also use the Team Dynamite banner located at the top of this page if you wish also. You can easily make your own blog on GDI like this one, just click Turbo Setup above.

Rock The Biz Ops

This one is also inexpensive and includes some awesome training. You will get full setup instructions when you join. You must follow these and get setup in order to work with us. It is simple if you can follow the written instructions. The reason I have this listed second is that there are also 2 optional programs. You will want to do all three to fully use the program.

click here to see Rock the Biz Ops

You want to make sure that you have setup your full system though before you begin promoting it!


These are not the only teams that I have and I am a member of a TON of other programs. Feel free to browse around the blog for other team info, ad resources, information, online tools, and more! Thanks for joining me in Team Dynamite!