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Top Mailers

Note: These are affiliate programs and I may receive compensation or credits if you join under me and make a purchase.

Mountain High Mailer
List Adventure
Echo Traffic Club
Viral Links Pro
Convert My Ads
Ad Labyrinth Mailer
Global Matrix Mailer
Massive Power Mailer

These are my top Safelist/Mailers. I have upgrades in every one of these. From experience I can tell you that if you are upgraded in just the first 5 of these and you send mail every day you should easily make the 1000 hit count needed if you are part of our GDI Team Elite build. Simply using the first 5 of these daily I average 1500 + a week, however, some nights I also mail from a couple more if I have time (this varies). Usually I also do Pangea and Real Time Ad Blast once a week as well.

What if you are not upgraded? Yes, you can still use all of these as a Free member. The fact is, it will take you longer and you will need to do more work in order to be able to mail enough. I prefer making it easy for myself by purchasing some upgrades where I can. To me the Time Saving is worth the money for the upgrades.

Where are the Traffic Exchanges? While I do use Traffic Exchanges personally sometimes, they are not a part of our GDI Team Elite program. The results that we get from Safelists/Mailers are way better than what we get in Traffic Exchanges, therefore, we stick with what works best. Sometimes if I have time after doing my mailers I will go surf some traffic exchanges for a while. Do not put your Team Link for GDI Team Elite into a Traffic Exchange as the hits there will not count.

How about giving yourself the ULTIMATE ADVANTAGE in Safelists/Mailers? You could save A LOT of time if all your mailers were in a central location and you could mail through all of them with ONE CLICK right? Well this is not a fantasy. You can do this and yes there is cost to do this. But, consider the MASSIVE amount of time you will be saving by using this powerful tool. Click the banner below to get all the pricing and details of this program.

Referral Frenzy