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2 Tools I use the most

It does not matter what you are promoting, the fact is, you need traffic. No, you need a TON of traffic. Someone asked me, what are the main tools that you use each day to promote your offers? There is no question, only a definite answer of what these are. (Yes I am an upgraded affiliate at both programs so I may earn a commission if you purchase anything from the links below.)

The 2 Tools that I use almost every day are: (click the names for info)

  1. Herculist
  2. Referral Frenzy

Herculist is a massive safelist/mailer that also has a built in traffic exchange and much more. I have the Gold upgrade there so it is very easy for me to mail each night to a TON of people. They advertise 70K + but now it is actually over 90k. That is a lot of people on a list!

Referral Frenzy is the second one. Yes I am also upgraded in this site. You pretty much need to upgrade on some sites or you are not going to have enough ad credits. I chose these 2 sites because of the great value that I get. By having an upgrade at Referral Frenzy you get a bunch of free credits each month on many different sites. This saves you from having to earn them by clicking. Then you can mail to a whole lot of sites with one click! Makes my work super easy.

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