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What is CTR?

When it comes to CTR you want high. What is CTR? This stands for Click Through Rate or Ratio. It is a percentage based on how many times somebody actually clicks on your advertisement to see what is on the other side. Your offer can be shown thousands of times but if nobody is clicking on it to actually see your offer, then it has somehow failed

A lot of times on the TE's , SafeList, Mailers, and other free advertising sources I see 1% , 2% CTR and if really lucky maybe 5%.

What if I told you I found a place where I can get over 50% CTR!!

Here is the Proof!

If you have an account and are not using it or only clicking the required 10 per day then two things. Start using your account and rather than just click 10 try to click at least 50 to 100 per day. If you do not have an account I will put my affiliate link below. They have paid upgrades but I just use the free account.

A tip is this. Make sure to use a nice eye catching graphic. You can use HTML in your ad. If you know html you can pretty much design whatever you need. If you do not know html then here is what you can do. Most sites with affiliate tools have pre-made login ads that are usually 600 x 300 and they normally have the html code under the picture. You can simply find one of these and use it for a nice ad with a picture. Many people just type some text with a link for the ad as you will see when you click them for credits. However you will notice that other ones take advantage of the html and do many creative things. I usually just put in a picture with a link connected to the entire picture which is just like the login ads that I described but I create my own or use different larger pictures.

Below you will find a banner link to this incredible resource.

Yes I am an affiliate of the program so I may get more credits or commissions if any purchases or upgrades are made.

If you are part of our GDI Team I would highly recommend using this resource every day as part of your routine. Try to come up with a good inventive way to utilize the html ads. You will get ideas as you see what others are doing as you click the ads for credits.

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