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New Turbo Setup

Everything keeps evolving as it should. We now have a slow and steady email series of lessons for the team. When you fill out our Team Echo form from the Team Echo page of this blog you will then begin to get the email series of lessons from Coach K. Some people were being overwhelmed by the Lesson page I had created which I can understand. However, there are people who want to get a FAST Start to things. So, I have re-vamped the page again to now be a TURBO SETUP for those looking to get a FAST Start.

Turbo Setup

This does not mean you should not do the email series, it is simply a quick way to get your GDI Blog setup. This way you have a website going and you can market other things there as well or point people to traffic sources you like. You can even create your own lessons or whatever other ideas you may come up with. It is your site so the possibilities are endless.

I give you 4 pre-made pages that you are allowed to copy and paste to your own GDI Blog. You then simply change some links and you are ready to go. Of course, it is a little more detailed than that hence the Turbo Setup page is required to explain this process. I asked one person how long it took to follow this and get setup and she said about 2 hours, so that is pretty fast!

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