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Team Echo is all set up and ready to go. If you are not part of this and would like to be please click Start Here up above these posts. We have a new Team Link ready are we are working on the next one. Please send at least 1000 hits a week to your team link, more is better. We are helping each other build this team. We help you and then we help all the people you bring in. This is a simple method but you must do the work. We have people on the team right now as I write this bringing in zero hits. You are not helping yourself or the team. Why are you here?

I have finished up all the basic sub-sections on the blog today and created a new Team Echo banner. It should be a smooth flow from the time you click on Start Here. I just added a section with some extra advertising sources to use after you are all set up with the mailers. So you should have plenty of places to advertise your team link and your replicated pages and banner ads! Good Luck and thank you for being a member of Team Echo!

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