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Do you need a free video

I found this guy Harvey that will actually make you a free video as long as he approves your offer. Below you will find the one that he did for me. Yes he has upgrade offers available (don't we all?) but really if he approves what you are promoting he will make you a FREE video and you will have your affiliate link in the description. So you can promote your personal GDI, your Team GDI or some other offer. I used my video to promote Viral Commando Profits.

If you do it make sure to check your affiliate link after you get your video. The first one I submitted was acting a little funny so I gave him a different one and it worked much better. Also it is best to use a Lead Capture Page if you have one for your offer (for this link).

View on YouTube to see what goes on in the video description

(yes I am an affiliate of Viral Commando Profits and may make a commission if you join and make a purchase)

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2 Tools I use the most

It does not matter what you are promoting, the fact is, you need traffic. No, you need a TON of traffic. Someone asked me, what are the main tools that you use each day to promote your offers? There is no question, only a definite answer of what these are. (Yes I am an upgraded affiliate at both programs so I may earn a commission if you purchase anything from the links below.)

The 2 Tools that I use almost every day are: (click the names for info)

  1. Herculist
  2. Referral Frenzy

Herculist is a massive safelist/mailer that also has a built in traffic exchange and much more. I have the Gold upgrade there so it is very easy for me to mail each night to a TON of people. They advertise 70K + but now it is actually over 90k. That is a lot of people on a list!

Referral Frenzy is the second one. Yes I am also upgraded in this site. You pretty much need to upgrade on some sites or you are not going to have enough ad credits. I chose these 2 sites because of the great value that I get. By having an upgrade at Referral Frenzy you get a bunch of free credits each month on many different sites. This saves you from having to earn them by clicking. Then you can mail to a whole lot of sites with one click! Makes my work super easy.

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