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Do you need a free video

I found this guy Harvey that will actually make you a free video as long as he approves your offer. Below you will find the one that he did for me. Yes he has upgrade offers available (don't we all?) but really if he approves what you are promoting he will make you a FREE video and you will have your affiliate link in the description. So you can promote your personal GDI, your Team GDI or some other offer. I used my video to promote Viral Commando Profits.

If you do it make sure to check your affiliate link after you get your video. The first one I submitted was acting a little funny so I gave him a different one and it worked much better. Also it is best to use a Lead Capture Page if you have one for your offer (for this link).

View on YouTube to see what goes on in the video description

(yes I am an affiliate of Viral Commando Profits and may make a commission if you join and make a purchase)

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2 Tools I use the most

It does not matter what you are promoting, the fact is, you need traffic. No, you need a TON of traffic. Someone asked me, what are the main tools that you use each day to promote your offers? There is no question, only a definite answer of what these are. (Yes I am an upgraded affiliate at both programs so I may earn a commission if you purchase anything from the links below.)

The 2 Tools that I use almost every day are: (click the names for info)

  1. Herculist
  2. Referral Frenzy

Herculist is a massive safelist/mailer that also has a built in traffic exchange and much more. I have the Gold upgrade there so it is very easy for me to mail each night to a TON of people. They advertise 70K + but now it is actually over 90k. That is a lot of people on a list!

Referral Frenzy is the second one. Yes I am also upgraded in this site. You pretty much need to upgrade on some sites or you are not going to have enough ad credits. I chose these 2 sites because of the great value that I get. By having an upgrade at Referral Frenzy you get a bunch of free credits each month on many different sites. This saves you from having to earn them by clicking. Then you can mail to a whole lot of sites with one click! Makes my work super easy.

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Our new Team Link is ready!

Team Echo has been working in the background with a variety of different LCP pages using the tools on Build A Biz. We have a new one to unleash today and have updated all of the team links to the new page. This one tells the surfer/mail reader to STOP and look at the page then has a teaser question line encouraging them to scroll down to see more. Hopefully this one will attract some attention and get us some new downline members.

View the new page here at my tracked hits connect Team Link:

New Team Page Link

For free online resources like image editors and such, click on the MORE PLACES tab at the top of the Blog then go clear to the bottom of the page.

Relax and Promote GDI

What is CTR?

When it comes to CTR you want high. What is CTR? This stands for Click Through Rate or Ratio. It is a percentage based on how many times somebody actually clicks on your advertisement to see what is on the other side. Your offer can be shown thousands of times but if nobody is clicking on it to actually see your offer, then it has somehow failed

A lot of times on the TE's , SafeList, Mailers, and other free advertising sources I see 1% , 2% CTR and if really lucky maybe 5%.

What if I told you I found a place where I can get over 50% CTR!!

Here is the Proof!

If you have an account and are not using it or only clicking the required 10 per day then two things. Start using your account and rather than just click 10 try to click at least 50 to 100 per day. If you do not have an account I will put my affiliate link below. They have paid upgrades but I just use the free account.

A tip is this. Make sure to use a nice eye catching graphic. You can use HTML in your ad. If you know html you can pretty much design whatever you need. If you do not know html then here is what you can do. Most sites with affiliate tools have pre-made login ads that are usually 600 x 300 and they normally have the html code under the picture. You can simply find one of these and use it for a nice ad with a picture. Many people just type some text with a link for the ad as you will see when you click them for credits. However you will notice that other ones take advantage of the html and do many creative things. I usually just put in a picture with a link connected to the entire picture which is just like the login ads that I described but I create my own or use different larger pictures.

Below you will find a banner link to this incredible resource.

Yes I am an affiliate of the program so I may get more credits or commissions if any purchases or upgrades are made.

If you are part of our GDI Team I would highly recommend using this resource every day as part of your routine. Try to come up with a good inventive way to utilize the html ads. You will get ideas as you see what others are doing as you click the ads for credits.

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New LCP Back to Nature

It is either really slow right now or our last LCP was under-performing. So let us remedy the situation. Either way it is time for a new LCP so we have one. The natural beauty of the Earth usually helps so we went back to that for this one. We possibly were giving away too much information as to what our program is all about too. So that is scaled back and left more obscure. Since we have an awesome system setup here, you do not have to do anything to get the new page. Just promote your Team Link as usual and the new LCP will be changed on the back-end, in fact, it already is.

View the New LCP

Chromebook Screenshot
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Promote something else while still promoting GDI

Here is an example of how you can promote one of your other programs while still promoting GDI and building your email list.

Create a simple one page ad and place your promotion at the top.

Make sure it opens in a new tab or window. I also made it clear on mine to sign up below. Then under the main ad I have my Traffic Wave form code for my GDI Team Elite email series. As an extra point of advertising I also include a small Traffic Wave banner under the form.

If the advertising works correctly, someone will sign up for the free advertising that I offer then they will sign up for the GDI Team Elite list and we may get some of them on our team.

You can see the page example here: Promotion Page

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That’s what I like

I love it when I login to GDI and see 4 new recruits going through the trial! This thing is ROCKIN! Keep up the great work. Keep sending MASSIVE HITS to the TEAM PAGE. This is what helps all of us grow our downlines! I already have way more than 6 so all the new recruits from the TEAM PAGE go to members below me on the team. This works out perfect and we make sure everyone gets their six, then it just keeps growing from there!

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Team Echo Hit Counts 080420

Kris Ellis 2738
James Brewer 0
Charles Mcclure 1726
Mike Cosma 9076
James Kaucic 2767
Richard Smyth 7447
David Blanchard 2666
Elizabeta Ramsak 2995

Thanks for all the hard work! We are moving along nicely.

This Week: 6 new leads 1 Conversion

Welcome new Team Mate: Bobbie Harris

Team Echo
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New Team LCP

Latest News: Now we have Team Echo Triple Threat! A triple team build of GDI, Traffic Wave, and Easy1Up. These are all affordable and quality programs and should compliment one another well. With these three the members will be getting hosting/website, autoresponder (for list building), and internet marketing training. View the new LCP here: Triple Threat

Triple Threat Screenshot
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Easy Targeted Classifieds

Just found a nice site to place some free classified ads. You can target your city or any city, and category like (affiliate marketing). I have tried several classified sites before and most are too much of a pain to deal with. This one is not. It was advertised as easy and no sign-up required to post ads. This is true but I signed up for a free account because I like it. They have an affiliate program but I chose not to do that because of the payment method. So here is the direct url (non-affiliate link): https://qwikad.com/

Below is a screenshot so you can see what you can do for free. Place ads and profile setup.

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